In a Nutshell

This entire website (AdamAulenback.com), and all of its contents, are uncopyrighted and always will be.

More Explanation

What this means is that I have released all of the content I've shared on this site into the public domain. I'm sharing it with you freely, releasing any and all copyright on this entire website.

There is no need to email me for permission — you may use my content however you like :) Email it, share it, reprint it with or without credit, it's up to you. Feel free to change the content in any way, put your own spin on it and attribute it to me if you want... It’s OK, whatever you want to do.

Attribution for my thoughts would be appreciated, but you are never required to do so.

While I find it really awesome when people support me through buying my books or material, if they want to share them with friends, that's perfectly fine with me I sincerely hope they get a lot of value from them :)

Why I’m releasing copyright

If anything I can say, write, or do in my lifetime can help someone, I'm genuinely happy that I can do that for them. Sometimes, as we live the game of life, we find ourselves in situations that we struggle with, and during those times we may not have a lot of extra money while we're going through it. In my eyes, it's in our toughest moments that we need a different perspective the most — and if what I provide on this website can help to do that, I'm genuinely happy to just that.

All of the content here is from my own thoughts, feelings, experiences, and perspective — I hope you enjoy them, and I hope I can help you make a difference in your own life, as I have made a difference in mine.

Wishing you happiness and success,


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