Phase 4: Accelerate

Winning Life Driver

"With drive and a bit of talent, you can move mountains."

- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Unstoppable Drive

We'll find and define what drives us so we can use it to motivate ourselves to accelerate into action and use it to progress into surmounting our mountains.

Why is Motivation Important?

Motivation plays a critical role in determining success and overall satisfaction in our lives. Without the drive to pursue our specific objectives, achieving both material accomplishment and contentment can become challenging. Attempting to please others by prioritizing their external measures over our internal ones clouds our perspective on joy. Striving towards our authentic goals contributes significantly to our lifelong fulfillment when rooted deeply within ourselves rather than exterior validation seeking society approval. It's important to figure out what truly makes us truly happy instead of the things people tell us we should care about. By focusing on what brings us joy we can discover and cultivate our motivation and drive to achieve our greatest desires.

Why We Might Not Feel Motivated

Poor motivation frequently correlates with decreased physical movement due to accompanying feelings of depression, weariness or disinterest. Not surprising, mental fogginess also corresponds with physical restlessness since one limits mobility while the other curbs enthusiasm. If we engage in activities they will raise our energy levels and alertness. It seems that fear and apprehension holds us back more than anything else does, and many of us have worries and fears holding us back. Stepping out of our comfort zones lets us grow stronger through dealing with these obstacles, whether caused by safety concerns or plain old nervousness. Identifying exactly what intimidates us first sets us on course correct. We should try various methods until we find what works best for us for it will prepare us and then when we move forward boldly, it will be strengthened by our newly found courage – even if it's not easy if we take baby steps to achieve small successes repeatedly it will gradually transform our dreams into reality. By finally gaining fresh enthusiasm and building everlasting assurance by sticking with our renewed initiatives which show tangible improvements – we will gain a continuously deepening physical and mental belief within ourselves which will ultimately culminate into embracing the entirety of our true selves.

How Do We Increase Our Motivation?

Each one of us has our very own special power called “motivation” helping us reach goals no matter how tricky life gets. We don’t work exactly alike or face identical difficulties; thus we go at our own individual pace learning along unique pathways before finally reaching our desired achievements. It starts with understanding ourselves better through paying attention to where we shine or struggle plus figuring out what makes us happy while setting our targets. The most successful of us continuously learn through trial/error and fine tuning what we find works best whereas some of us settle with average outcomes never becoming aware of our hidden potentials where we don't make the necessary alterations when our progress remains stagnant. We need to get familiarized with ourselves and then adjust the methods we use to match our individual lifestyles in order to realize maximum personal growth and happiness.