Phase 5: Achievement

Winning Life Champion

"Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose."

- G.K. Nielson

To the Top of the Mountain!

Now we can achieve our desires after thoughtfully strategizing and planning our way to accomplish our goals.

How to Achieve Our Dreams?

Some of us like having big dreams but may run into problems when we try to make them happen. To increase the chances of achieving our desires, we must develop specific skills adaptable enough to overcome barriers blocking our way to those aims – and doing so raises our odds tremendously! We need to start breaking down our  objectives into smaller parts ensuring every detail receives proper consideration and attention; eventually this will help us determine how ideas come together leading us to reach our ultimate destination! If we keep improving our actions incrementally we will bring about the fulfillment of desired intentions regardless of the initial difficulty level; the journey itself becomes more gratifying upon seeing efforts materializing because we carefully considered them to ensure our triumph despite inevitable future hindrances. 

Why Having a System is Important

While we can want something will all of our desire it we most likely will not get it without careful planning. Imagining our goal acts as the foundation for growth and progression, but instead of just wishing, we need to create a step-by-step plan that helps us get closer to our goals every single day. The planned actions we take daily contribute to the bigger picture and will increase our chances of actually turning our wants into reality! So we need to focus on both the end result and the ways to achieve it. We can do this by having a roadmap which guides us past potential complications and makes sure everything comes together in the end (instead of wasting time on aimless ideas.) By using a powerful system to strategize and plan our efforts we can realize our goals and create a Winning Life!

What Makes a System Successful?

To create lasting growth and improvement, we need to use an organized system which will lead us to live on our terms instead of constantly depending on short-term plans that leads us to feeling unfulfilled. According to Steven Handel, renowned writer & personal coach of The Emotion Machine, he recommends thinking beyond basic objectives by utilizing sustainable methods which offers stronger outcomes. He suggests: “Remember to prioritize reliability & scalability so you can expand successfully,” This includes keeping track of valuable experiences to streamline our processes, habits, and actions going forward; documenting proven strategies also enables us to quickly identify what's not working and also allows us to quickly duplicate our victories too. Adjusting our actions and implementing changes allows us to gain rapid traction, and it allows us to quickly see what works and what doesn't, and ultimately allows us to reach our goals faster and easier so we can achieve the life we truly desire to live.