Phase 6: Amplify

Winning Life Challenger

"Always believe in yourself and always stretch yourself beyond your limits. Your life is worth a lot more than you think because you are capable of accomplishing more than you know. You have more potential than you think, but you will never know your full potential unless you keep challenging yourself and pushing beyond your own self imposed limits."

- Roy T. Bennett

Winning is Just the Beginning

Once we've reached the top of the mountain, we can start to have fun in a whole new way. 

We can challenge ourselves through adventures and quests, building teams and players, and level up our actions through improved skills as we set out on a new path to other, bigger, or higher mountains.

Success Naturally Allows Us to Have Higher-Level Challenges!

One of the most common misconceptions regarding success is assuming that achievements come without difficulties. On the contrary, the highly skilled among us understand that succeeding entails confronting more intricate tribulations, which ignites our passion for attaining bigger goals. The highest performers among us embrace the challenge to upgrade their problem solving skills so they can elevate their overall proficiency. Consequently, by learning to overcome advanced obstacles promotes us to progress in all facets of life. And by aspiring for greater hurdles inspires us to improve ourselves even more. Ultimately, when we welcome tougher adversity it allows us the opportunity to develop the mental resilience necessary to handle diverse situations successfully.

Taking on the Next Level Challenges

Want to know what sets apart the really successful people among us? They keep pushing themselves to try new things and tackle fresh obstacles so they don't get stuck where they are. When they reach a win, instead of stopping there, they want to do even better next time around. By doing this they stay motivated and they keep mastering new skills while improving existing ones.  With dedication, creativity, and persistence, we can take on new challenges and then watch our lives improve drastically! New challenges ignite new fires within us which allows us a path to move toward so we can attain a sense of achievement after working hard to reach it, and reap the benefits of accomplishment and fulfillment time and time again! 

Which Challenges Should We Take On?

Choosing the right challenges means picking those that make us nervous yet excited because they're the ones that guarantee growth and fun results! Finding harmony between dreamy big and being realistic isn't easy these days when words like "winning" lack clarity but going after it is worth it if you want to live a better life. While many search only for fame or wealth, we should include trying to make the lives of others better through societal and personal improvements. To live with deep meaning requires separating our ego needs from genuine ambitions because while wealth provides material comforts it cannot bring true fulfillment ...unless you're richer than Jeff Bezos (kidding!) Anyhow, we need to seek that magical feeling called legacy whenever possible. What if our greatest fears were acted upon versus suppressed or ignored? What if our courage didn't fade away... wouldn't the world be different? We need to take those baby steps even if nobody supports us, and once we finally overcome the initial barriers, no matter how old we get, the exhilarated sensations we feel inside will continue to be felt! So, at this stage we must dare ourselves to take on bigger and scarier challenges - and maybe even change some cool stuff about the planet and the future of humanity along the way.